Welcome to War & Leisure Brewing, a micro-nano-pico-brewery.

W&L beer glass.jpg


Building a micro-nano-pico-brewery was a long struggle against credit limits, work schedules, permits (but I love you, regulatory overlords), good judgement, common sense, general disorder, and the patience of my family. And it ain’t over.


I love beer. I love brewing beer, discussing beer recipes, cleaning equipment (lie!), sharing my beer, getting Bruce to buy me free beer, holding a beer at a Timbers game, creating experimental beers, and drinking beer. Especially that last part.


“Look for it everywhere,
find it nowhere”

— warren Johnson, OWNER


Our Mission

War & Leisure Brewing was found on the principle that anything that keeps me out of my family’s collective hair, off the streets, out of trouble, and deeply involved in my love of brewing can’t be all bad.


I look at beer differently, and beer looks at me differently.